No Inhibition Multicolor

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From the heart of concept research laboratories springs a new color that guarantees optimal results and delivers a unique regenerative power. A treasure that propagates its extraordinary properties by delivering sublime color and radiant hair. NO INHIBITION has created the first SLS FREE color that, as well as guaranteeing a brilliant result, also has a rejuvenating effect on the hair. As if illuminated from within, the hair discovers its original beauty.

Product Dyno

make your color iridescent

No inhibition multi-color contains a mix of highly effective active ingredients. MULTICROME - Age defense* is a complex which gives softness and radiance to the color. The result is a rejuvenating effect.

make your hair iridescent

The emulsion contains:

coloring pigments that are state of the art: carefully selected and controlled in order to maintain a stability of results over time. Long-lasting brilliant color.

• The formula of the cream is perfectly balanced: minimal ammonia content guarantees perfect results whilst respecting the hair.

Beeswax with film-forming and soothing properties. In addition it has exceptional hydrating and softening qualities when applied to dry hair.

• The emulsion is easy to mix

Vitamin C is indispensable during the application of color in order to combat the hair’s fragility and to give it the elements it needs in order to be healthy and strong.

SLS free Formula: the delicate surfactant used is cocamidopropyl betaine, extracted from plants.

The composition of the emulsion ensures maximum practicality during the mixing and application processes.

Maximum coverage of white hair using a simple method with immediate results. * action performed by 3 combined active ingredients. 

THE TONAL SERIES The tone of a color is determined by the number that follows the comma and can be of one, two or three numbers. 

Product Dyno


The formula of correctors does not have a level, but does have a well-defined tone. This characteristic influences the result of neutralization or accentuation of tone independently of the level.

Y Yellow

Augments the intensity of yellow and it is advised to add it to a color mix with a maximum quantity of ¼ of the total formula.

V Purple

Augments the intensity of purple and it is advised to add it to a color mix with a maximum quantity of ¼ of the total formula.

R Red

Augments the intensity of red and it is advised to add it to a color mix with a maximum quantity of ¼ of the total formula.

B Blue

Augments the intensity of blue and contrasts copper tones, it is advised to add it to a color mix with a maximum quantity of ¼ of the total formula.

S Silver

Neutralizes warm tones (golden) in lighter levels and it is advised to add it to a color mix with a maximum quantity of ¼ of the total formula.

C Neutral

This is a lightening amplifier to be combined with different nuances or to be used on its own, mixing it with various oxidizers, as a delicate lightener without any tone. It is advised to add it to a color mix with a maximum quantity of ¼ of the total formula.

Product Dyno


These are studied to act in synergy with NO INHIBITION MULTI-COLOR and to develop a greater expression of pigments contained in the formula.

NO INHIBITION oxidizers, developed in four versions, are creamy, perfumed and conditioning; they have a delicate action thanks to special soothing and protective substances.

10 vol.

Ideal to darken or maintain the same natural base level. It has a delicate lightening strength and can reach a maximum of one level.

20 vol.

Ideal for white hair coverage and for coloring and lightening up to two levels.

30 vol.

Ideal for coloring and lightening between two and three levels.

40 vol.

Ideal for coloring and lightening between three and four levels. In addition it is the specific emulsion to be combined with Ultra Blond nuances.


It is advised to apply milk_shake® powerful protector around the perimeter area in order to avoid color deposits on the skin. The mix should be applied to dry and unwashed hair. Only in the case of very greasy hair or if the hair is heavy with styling products should hair be washed with a delicate shampoo prior to applying the mix.

For porous hair, milk_shake® pro color equalizer should be used in order to normalize the porosity of hair and to improve the final result.


The setting time can vary between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the oxidizer and the coloring service that is intended.


At the end of the setting time indicated for each application, add a bit of warm water and emulsify in order to tonalize the color, then rinse well. To neutralize and stabilize the color, use specific treatments for colored hair from the milk_shake® color specifics range (acid color sealer, color sealing shampoo and color sealing conditioner).

If any residue should be left on the skin, delicately remove with milk_shake® instant remover.

For all nuances, with the exception of Ultra Blond nuances, the mixing ratio is:

1 part of NO INHIBITION multi-color + 1,5 parts of oxidizer at 10/20/30 or 40 Vol. e.g. /50 ml of NO INHIBITION multi-color + 75 ml of oxidizer at 10 / 20 / 30 or 40 Vol.

In Ultra Blond nuances the mix ratio is :

1 part NO INHIBITION multi-color UB + 2,5 parts of oxidizer at 40Vol. e.g. /50 ml of NO INHIBITION multi-color UB + 125 ml of oxidizer at 40 Vol.

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