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milk_shake® conditioning

A direct cosmetic, conditioning and delicate color to create temporary hair color without the commitment of permanent color, with excellent results. Dynamic, versatile and multi-functional, it gives highly creative chromatic effects that are easy to maintain.


  • A DIRECT FORMULA, where the formula stays on the surface of the hair in correspondence with the cuticle (which is different to the oxidising process), whilst respecting the hair’s structure.
  • WITH HIGH QUALITY COLORING MOLECULES WITH A HIGH LEVEL OF PURITY for rich and shiny effects and calibrated hair tones that are highly versatile
  • GEL-BASED FORMULA adheres perfectly to the shaft, for optimal color depositing on the hair
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How to use:

Distribute over clean, damp hair, work through the hair and comb through. Leave in for a suggested time that varies between 5–20 minutes. At the end of the setting time, lather with a little water, then rinse. If applying intense or dark shades, cleanse with a mild shampoo. Follow the instructions on the instruction leaflet insert. Perform a skin sensitivity test.


  • TONE AND SHINE natural or color-treated hair
  • REVIVE, intensify, correct or salvage hair color, making it intense and radiant
  • COLOR TONE after bleaching, lightening or applying permanent color
  • RI-PIGMENT AND DARKEN starting from very light levels
  • ENHANCE COLOR CONTRASTS with intense and shiny shades, for trendy results
  • COVER greys temporarily
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milk_shake® cocktails

Your hair, deliciously healt hy and beautiful. milk_shake® has created a range of delectable hair treatments that will leave hair looking gorgeous and smelling divine for a healthy, natural result. Each treatment has been studied carefully to suit each hair type and hair need.

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direct color cocktail/milk_shake direct color and the best-selling milk_shake whipped cream conditioning foam come together to brighten natural and color-treated hair. This lightweight and effective cocktail enhances and prolongs color for healthy-looking, nourished and beautiful hair.

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argan cocktail is an exclusive nourishing and shine-enhancing treatment that improves the color of natural and color -treated hair. The best-selling milk_shake whipped cream conditioning foam, combined with milk_shake glistening argan oil, creates a hydrating cocktail that leaves hair incredibly soft and silky.

How it works:

Decorate the glass with approx. 3-5 ml of the chosen milk_shake® direct color shade. Fill the glass with approx. 5 g of milk_shake® whipped cream. Add more direct color into the glass for a total of approx. 15 ml for the treatment. Mix the direct color with the whipped cream evenly. Apply to clean, damp hair with delicate and pleasant gestures. Leave in for 10 minutes, then rinse well and proceed with the most suitable milk_shake® leave-in treatment and styling products for the blow dry.

End result – healthy hair with delicious scent and shiny color. Perfect as a “color rinse” for natural or colored hair, to prolong the duration of hair color and its shine for healthy, nourished, beautiful hair.

N.B.: all of the milk_shake® direct color nuances can be used for this treatment, but the most suitable nuances are: brown, silver, beige blond, golden blond, copper, light red, deep red, powder and eggplant. In the case of bleached or white hair, reduce setting time.

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