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Thermal Shiny Str8™

This formaldehyde-free permanent straightener adds shine, eliminates frizz and deeply conditions and strengthens hair with keratin. Designed for use with the RUSK® Professional Str8 Iron® Series to prepare hair for superior straightening results, RUSK® Thermal Shiny Str8® comes in two formulas— normal/tinted and resistant/uncolored.

    WHAT IS IT? A formaldehyde-free, safe, permanent straightener that infuses the hair with unsurpassed shine and eliminates frizz.

    WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who desires a shiny, straight texture that's permanent. Recommended for all types of hair. Two convenient formulas make it easy to choose what's appropriate for each client.

    WHAT DOES IT DO? Formulated with keratin, it deeply conditions and strengthens the hair, imparting a perfectly straight, smooth and shiny texture.

    HOW DO YOU USE IT? Apply Step 1 (Internal Retexturing Cream) with a brush and comb through. Processing time varies depending on length and type of hair. Rinse and dry hair. Iron the hair using the Rusk Str8 Iron® Hair Straightener with CTC Technology®. Apply Step 2 (Internal Reconstruction Lotion) to dry, straightened hair. Process for 5-7 minutes after application. Rinse, condition and blow-dry hair. Finish with flat iron. Retouch application should be used on the re-growth area approximately 16 weeks after initial service.
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    AntiCurl™ + Kerashine™ Conditioning

    This innovative anti-frizz, anti-humidity chemical curl remover strengthens hair and improves condition and shine. RUSK® AntiCurl™ + Kerashine™ Conditioning is available inWHAT IS IT? A technologically advanced curl remover, frizz controller, and antihumectant with Kerashine™ Conditioning that builds strength, improves condition, and creates shine.

    WHO IS IT FOR? Clients with naturally curly or frizzy hair that needs control. Clients with dual textured hair: straight in the back and curly in the front, or vice versa. Clients whose hair expands uncontrollably in high humidity. Clients with old, unwanted perms. Three convenient formulas make it easy to choose what's appropriate for each client.

    WHAT DOES IT DO? Its safe, patented formula alters the pattern of curly or wavy hair, and depending on the specific processing, yields a variety of versatile styling results—from frizz-free curl, to smooth loose wave, to sleek, shiny straight. Kerashine™ Conditioning infuses the hair with Phytokeratin™*, a blend of amino acids derived from plants, yielding unsurpassed conditioning and luminous shine while building and improving the hair's strength.

    HOW DO YOU USE IT? Apply Stage 1 with a brush and comb through. Allow to process at room temperature. Processing time varies depending on length and type of hair and desired result. Rinse hair thoroughly. Apply Stage 2 with a brush and comb through. Process for 5-7 minutes after application. Rinse hair, condition and style as usual.

    *Phytokeratin™ is a registered trademark of Arch Personel Care Products, L.P.

      formulas for naturally curly or permed hair (1); highlighted or high-lift tinted hair (2); and coarse, resistant hair (3).



        Without alcohol, peroxide, bleach, or formaldehyde, this unique permanent hair color corrector reverses the oxidative color process by breaking the bonds of color molecules so color can be removed safely and effectively with shampoo. Thick and rich, RUSK® Elimin8™ Color Corrector can be applied only to areas of hair that need correction for precise control.

          WHAT IS IT? An innovative color corrector that gently removes unwanted permanent color with a non-progressive, precise control formula that contains no ammonia, peroxide, bleach or formaldehyde.

          WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who requires slight, partial, or full color correction. It may be used to lighten up a shade that is too dark, to fix darkened ends, or to correct an at-home color application.

          WHAT DOES IT DO? It gently removes any level of permanent, oxidative hair color, no matter how long it has been in the hair. The exclusive SHSA complex reverses the bonds of oxidative dye molecules, allowing for safe and effective color removal, bringing the hair back to its pre-colored state. The conditioning catalyst promotes unsurpassed shine and condition.

          HOW DO YOU USE IT? Combine equal parts of Step 1 (color reducer) and Step 2 (conditioning catalyst). Apply, using applicator bottle or bowl and brush. The thick, creamy consistency ensures quick, easy, and precise application. Process up to 20 minutes, with or without heat. Rinse and shampoo twice, using Sensories™ Clarify™ Shampoo. Apply Step 3 (or 10 volume developer) and process for 10 minutes to activate any remaining color molecules left in the hair. If hair darkens, repeat the entire process (Steps 1, 2, and 3) up to 3 times if necessary. If hair doesn't darken, rinse and shampoo one last time.
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